Screen2EXE 2.3

Screencast demos with maximum compression output


  • Very easy to use
  • Can record different areas
  • Produces videos as standalone files


  • Editing tools too basic
  • No timeline for video editing

Not bad

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and I'd say a video is worth a thousand pictures. That's why a screencast is sometimes the best way to demo a given application, or explain how to do a certain task.

With Screen2Exe creating a screencast is easier than you think. Run the program, select the area you want to record, play your part - Screen2Exe also records sound - and hit F10 when you're done. Then you can proceed to edition.

Of course, Screen2Exe is not a massive, professional video editor like Premiere or Final Cut. You won't find a timeline and there are no special effects to add to your production. But you can easily add annotations, zoom in and out the image and even trim the clip.

When you're done, Screen2Exe saves your screencast as a standalone, self-executable file that doesn't require any third-party app, plug-in or technical knowledge to run.

With Screen2Exe you can create basic video screencasts in a very easy way and save results as standalone EXE files.



Screen2EXE 2.3

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    Screen 2EXE.
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